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New Profile Posts

  1. w9cll
    Warming my hands over the glowing tubes.
  2. LeapFrog
    I like "GoldFinger's Audio Mod". [Cobra 29 LTD]
  3. C.Reney
    does anybody here know if you can use an external audio equalizer on a cb radio and is it worth it ?
  4. Cpt shakes
    Cpt shakes
    Looking for a DPT795042Z pll/read out/display board for Galaxy 2527
  5. Sonar
    Sonar Heavy Metal
    Hello my friend. I ran into an old op of yours. You were inquiring about amps. You had a kid living on your block that was serverly injured in a aotomobel accident. Did he ever get into the hoby and if so is he still into it? Did he get his ticket? Is he operating on air and if so CB or amateur? Thanks. 73
  6. Sonar
    Sonar Steve TX Amps
    Very interesting thread. Everyone is impressed with your work and final product. if you decide to build again please PM me. I am not a tire kicking dreamer. I'm interested in a low drive base unit. Somewhere in the 800 to 1K area. Thanks. 73
  7. Robert Foster
    Robert Foster
  8. Mike Hancock
  9. Bushpilot 593
    Bushpilot 593
    Just got my kris big boomer delivered. Says 220 volts in book and has 120v plug? Trying to figure it out.
  10. Ghost Ryder
    Ghost Ryder
    Friday.....and the clock is running backwards.... Come on weekend!
  11. LeapFrog
    Slowly regressing back to caveman.
  12. lerch256
    Anybody have the 1-16 pill amp plans anymore or know where I can find them thanks 73's
  13. Sonar
    Sonar nomadradio
    Nomad. Please let me know if you'd be interested in getting this phantom working as close to 100% as possible. I can box it up and have it out to you within a few days. Please let me know. thanks
  14. tootall170
    tootall170 Mustang 131
    could you help me out on some hi fi questions im running full behringer pro audio equipment a d i want to get that awesome sound like you have the current result is like mmm atr the moment but i want that real hi fedelity and smooth mid and treble sound please reply tootall170 out of the keystone
  15. Jay420
    Just wondering if I sit a Wilson 1000 on my car but run to my base will it work?? Landlord won't let me put up antenna so I'm kinda stuck