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New Profile Posts

  1. Jay420
    Just wondering if I sit a Wilson 1000 on my car but run to my base will it work?? Landlord won't let me put up antenna so I'm kinda stuck
  2. Yeti Communications Ltd
    Yeti Communications Ltd Klondike Mike
    yeah got one of your ft-707 kits via one of my locals to install in his ft-707 (he brought it not me)..anyway the 1000uf caps suppiled are far to long to fit on the avr board (if you install it the counter plug on the counter board prevents the avr board from being able to fit )...in the end i used a 1000uf i had in my stock of caps to get the job done ...not a bitch just a heads up .
    1. Klondike Mike
      Klondike Mike
      Thanks. IOU.
      Jan 2, 2017
  3. Ghost Ryder
    Ghost Ryder
    Reading the mail... of hung over people who don't know what they did last night for New Years...
  4. Ghost Ryder
    Ghost Ryder ExitThirteen
    Greetings, newby here, I have a bone stock Washington and would like to change that...lol. Would like to pm you if possible
  5. Mudduckmobile
    Mudduckmobile Mike Hancock
    usb 27.555 call, and usb27.850, and usb6670 Echo Charley
  6. Mudduckmobile
    Mudduckmobile Mike Hancock
    I saw the sand. Cool, were in Redmond, Central Or.
    Nice Truck. I just solid my 09. The in the pics in some of the threads. Just got an 2014Ram, after My FT450D is in and up ill post pics.
    1. Mike Hancock
      Mike Hancock
      Nice, I've been through there before. What freq's do hangout on? I'm always on 38LSB
      Dec 31, 2016
  7. Mudduckmobile
    Mudduckmobile Mike Hancock
    were you at Western orCentral, Eastern Or.?
    1. Mike Hancock
      Mike Hancock
      On the central coast! Florence!
      Dec 30, 2016
  8. Harry Hyde 3rd.
  9. Harry Hyde 3rd.
    Harry Hyde 3rd. Cpt shakes
    Thanks everone a work in progress.
  10. undertaker
    undertaker bigcountry78
    where are you located? I am in the big country of west texas..

    1. bigcountry78
      I'm in western NC. I'm a transplant from SC lol.
      Dec 27, 2016
  11. Mitchy 26
    Mitchy 26
    What people r on radios
  12. Pappas and Beer
    Pappas and Beer
    Broadcasting from the fifth highest mountain in Orange County, CA.
  13. Sonar
    Sonar nomadradio
    Nomad. I've a few questions. Do you live in the US? If I don't get this phantom working correctly would you be interested in working at getting it going property? I only seperated the top of the coil rings and may have caused the bottom part of the ring turns to move closer. If I don't get the results I'm hoping to let me know if you're interested in taking on the job. number and we'll talk Thanks.
  14. Wudman
    Wudman 76Q
    On the odd chance you would still appreciate access to new, vintage "CB 28" Wheeler Dealers, let me know. Found about a half dozen from my Dad's old inventory. Still in package. Some of packaging is pristine. allprosound@gmail
  15. Jay420
    New here trying to post a ? But don't know how
    1. Jay420
      I live in a 3 floor townhouse I have a galaxy Melaka with Turner 2 but can't mount to house for antenna could anyone help?? maybe a wilson 1000 on window ledge it's steal but tip wouldn't be over rooftop
      Dec 12, 2016