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New Profile Posts

  1. WorldWide415SoCal
    WorldWide415SoCal Papagabe
    Do you still have the Echomax 2000 still for sale ?
  2. johnkyrle
    Actively seeking DX on high ground
  3. Mikeed2
    Mikeed2 TonyV225
    Do you still hsve snowmobile trade ?TonyV225
  4. Sonar
    Sonar 357
    Good afternoon my friend. I want you to know how much I appreciate your help. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to the coil today. I'll try to get to it after work tomorrow. I don't want you to think your wasting your time. Thanks so much for everything.
  5. Irzack
    Irzack 805 california
    Sup my man, I got a new radio styker 955 so I could use sideband. I'm on 37 upper side band 4 or d. I'll be yelling on Monday at 8pm
    1. 805 california
      805 california
      10-4 I will try and catch ya on 37 lsb!
      Nov 26, 2016
    2. 805 california
      805 california
      I'm usually on 38 lsb, but I will try to catch ya on 37 usb!
      Nov 26, 2016
  6. Shawn powell
    Shawn powell
    1:16 am on ebay checking out radios for sale looking for deals
  7. Needle Bender
    Needle Bender MisterFatty
    Hey there, I'm just curious, did you ever live in Roseville, CA?

    excellent .... bad grammar.
    Thanks for your excllent post.
  10. 3pinplug
    3pinplug 43Echo695
    Over in the UK and saw your post saying you have the sams for the Royce 1-642 base station, i have just got a 1-642 but sams are non existent in the uk, dont suppose you have the sams info electronically and could spare a copy? Can send my email if you have it available?
    Hope you dont mind me messaging.
  11. Lemaire beatrice
    Lemaire beatrice
    Merci mon daddy bisous
  12. Lemaire beatrice
    Lemaire beatrice
    Je suis Cléopâtre et je vous dit bonjour à tous et toutes bisous
  13. Lemaire beatrice
    Lemaire beatrice
    Bonjour à tous et toutes
  14. Daniel Osceola
    Daniel Osceola
    I'm not saying I'm BatDan, But have you ever seen us together in the same room.
  15. midnight special