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New Profile Posts

  1. kc0lrp
    Just remembered my password
  2. frank bouska
    frank bouska
    Anyone here own or had a General HP 40 radio?
  3. kb4not
    kb4not guy martin
    Hey Chris, Danny down here in NC. Was wanting to see if you still have that Jackson you have listed. Looks very nice. Just let me know if you still have it. I'm interested in it. Thanks and have a good day.

    Danny Kitts
  4. tl7ve-dx8fw
    Getting the antennas ready to work some DX with the new iCom IC-7300, Henry 3K Console & the Sommer 10 Element Log Periodic
  5. tl7ve-dx8fw
    tl7ve-dx8fw Jay Mojave
    Hey, can I get some of the Interceptor i10k parts for my antenna?

  6. tl7ve-dx8fw
    Getting the antennas ready to work some DX with the new iCom IC-7300
  7. kathy bush
    kathy bush
    cobra 29 ltd no modulation
  8. wildshot27
    how can i install echo in uniden bearcat 880
  9. Brianselectronics77
    Brianselectronics77 radioman24
    It is real simple the red wire goes to 12 volts the black wire goes to ground and the white wire Taps on to the modulation or audio wire which is usually white and color. This birdie board makes an irritating sound. A person can switch on or off the 12 volts with an spst switch
  10. Brianselectronics77
    Brianselectronics77 Grasshopper39
    I currently I'm the owner of all Mr Jiggs noise toys. There was an original mr. Jigs that lived in Salt Springs Florida. He sold all of his stuff to Tim who lived in Jacksonville Florida. Unfortunately Tim is no longer physically vertical on this Earth. I purchased everything from his widowed wife. My username on eBay is Brian's Electronics 77. I can be reached at 352-512-4412 thank you and bye for now
  11. Sarasota Slim
    Sarasota Slim
    Hey! Sammich meat! *nom nom*
  12. Mitchy 26
  13. Sonar
    Sonar Ranch55
    Not at the moment. I'm keeping my eyes open. If I find someone I'll message you. If you happen to come across someone before I do please message me his contact information.
  14. BJ radionut
    BJ radionut
    Wishing the Winter would die...So I could get to Antenna Projects
  15. W K Smith