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  1. swp411
    swp411 sonoma
    Hello Sonoma, like a few others could you pm me to exchange emails, i could really use the service manual for the MIDLAND 79-290. Thanks and 73's
  2. Jimmy Cary
    Jimmy Cary
    BTW My Callsign is WX9DX
  3. Jimmy Cary
    Jimmy Cary
    Hello from Lake Lowery at Haines City Florida!
  4. LeapFrog
    New Dream Rig: SOMMERKAMP TS 288A
  5. Richard Schoppe
  6. Trev937
    937 getting down
  7. dennis4040
    dennis4040 543_Dallas
    Hello, I'm dennis. I'm installing a new L4+ and Marconi said you have experience with Lightning Antennas L4+. Does it need a phillystran mast support, I don't want any extra wind drag because the mast is already maxed out, but I also don't want any boom sag after the first missouri snow. The boom looks quite stiff. thanks for your input.
  8. bus13282
    Galaxy 2100 good radio?
  9. tl7ve-dx8fw
    tl7ve-dx8fw Tripple Nickel
    Say hello to GateKeeper for me!
  10. tl7ve-dx8fw
    tl7ve-dx8fw HBW1412
    Gotta love that Skyline Drive, Hog Wallow Flats
  11. Ironhead88
  12. LeapFrog
    System Of A Down - Chop Suey!
  13. Kalanz
    HI there!
  14. smoke1982
    Has anyone figured out an npc mod for the uniden bearcat 880....Im having a hard time figuring out how to control the voltage to collector
  15. Alessb
    Alessb cbphreaker
    Hi cbphreaker, I just read you post on direct injection for CB radio. Very interesting. I apologize for my late reply.
    My doubt is direct injection. My intention is to bypass the original audio amplifier of the radio, replacing that signal with audio from the external sound chain. The rest of the circuit remains unchanged.
    Why worry about the SSB filter? Sorry for my ignorance on the subject.
    Cheers, Alessb

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