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New Profile Posts

  1. grimace
    grimace nomadradio
    I like to get 2 v-power mod kits one for the mark 4 and one for the tram 201 late my know how much and I will send you a money order thanks
  2. dave457
    dave457 Crusher
    Ok thanks
  3. Tripple Nickel
    Tripple Nickel 222DBFL
    Just checking on Port Orange to see how you made it ? Haven't been on lately but was concerned especially Aunt Catfish Restaurant. 3's, later.
    David g.
  4. cominatyalive
    Putting up another IMAX. 6 years or so before they shred like horse hair. But safer in regards to lightning.
  5. unit3
  6. SmackDown
    SmackDown CB Kidd
    Sorry to see you closed your youtube channel. It woke some people up and exposed a
    "golden screwdriver" of the highest order. I hope you put it back up.
    You only exposed the truth about scammers.
    1. CB Kidd
      CB Kidd
      Had to avoid the ban hammer!
      Will be back soon.
      Sep 5, 2017
  7. cbshack
    cbshack CB Kidd
    Several years ago I don't think Tim was doing that much to radios. I am sorry you had a bad experience with him. I sell and repair radios but I think I know my limitations. I hope Tim fixed your radio. Good luck to you, Ben in Orlando
  8. kb9ghn
    kb9ghn jerry w brown
    This is victor...kb9ghn...are you jerry...wa9hbh in Columbus???
  9. Cold War Vet
    Cold War Vet
    getting back in after years
  10. Kingjoey5000
    I just checked........ Im still The Man
  11. Tom Merrill
    Tom Merrill
    pissed at chris pasquinelli
  12. michele imparato
  13. Needle Bender
    Needle Bender Jay Mojave
    Hi Jay, I'm just wondering where you're located. If I'm in your area I'd like to stop by, maybe discuss an idea I've had for a while.
  14. rudolskiy.leopoldpr
  15. Oscar Goldman