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New Profile Posts

  1. BammBamm
    Just because you can doesn't mean that you should!
  2. Softheidalk
  3. Chuck Wehling
    Chuck Wehling
    I need help with this galaxy 99v2!
  4. LeapFrog
    Forward, into the Light!
  5. Eric Timmins
    Eric Timmins
    813 Wolverine
  6. mike canton
    mike canton tecnicoloco
    hey man thanks for the warning!
  7. mike canton
    mike canton
    im a male not female!
  8. Techman1971
    I have a Uniden Bearcat PC787. Anyone have any tuning tips. Looking for adjustment points . Want to adjust the deadkey and swing.
  9. BammBamm
    BammBamm snowman
    Ever live in the south chicago area?
  10. Rescue
    Thank you everyone for all your help
  11. Jamesthess
  12. Low_Boy
    Low_Boy kaos513
    If you have a 11.325 I would be interested in buying it from you.
    1. kaos513
      Will check my inventory tonight
      Dec 15, 2017
  13. Crazy J
    Crazy J
    This Station Exceeds International field strength standards.
  14. Little Man 870
    Little Man 870
    Little Man 302
  15. Bandit327
    "Putting the smoke back in since.......u broke it"
    1. LeapFrog likes this.