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Album: Horizontal Dipole - 11 Meters

Using 4' Firestiks

Horizontal Dipole - 11 Meters

Updated Jul 21, 2017 at 4:20 AM
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Using 4' Firestiks
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  2. Riverman71
    Thanks, Six-Shooter. I agree.
    A half-wave wire dipole will definitely outperform one made from shorter loaded antennas. In my situation, my wire dipole was in my attic surrounded by my central heating unit, foil ducting, metal vents, tons of wiring and other stuff that hurt its performance while my Firestick dipole was outside in the clear. Not a fair comparison on my part.
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  3. Sonar
    Problem is @ almost 18' I could only install it in an inverted V. I know nothing beats a dipole in the horizontal (for dxing) Because the Sirio is a rigid material I will be able to install it on a single mast as opposed to stretching it between two masts which have to be almost 20' apart. My backyard just won't allow for it room wise. The smaller one Jim has built is ideal. I have to weigh out my options. I own this.
    Semi V is a better choice for those who can't rotate the dipole on a pole since an Inverted V talks pretty much 360 degrees so it does not had dead spots off of the ends as does a flat top antenna. A rotatable dipole can have the advantage of being directional on two sides at once & it has nulls on the ends for rejection & usually has less noise overall.
  5. Sonar
    I've learned quite a bit since you guy's have been adding these links. I never knew that one could actually rotate a horizontal dipole just as a beam and actually get better performance out of it. I also didn't know that if it's not going to be used as a rotatable dipole it should be set in the direction in which you are most interested in as far as dxing. In my case turning an 18-foot horizontal dipole is literally impossible. My yard is just too small. I am leaning towards the Sirio SD 27.
  6. Riverman71
    Joejoe, both the Sirio SD-27 and Maco BA1 are full-sized half wave dipoles close to 18' in length.


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