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Album: Mountain DX

Mountain DX

Updated Oct 17, 2017
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  1. Sonar
    I've never had a set up in my vehicle. If I did I would imagine settings up a tripod, on a hill, or as in your case a mountain. Shooting skip or just point to point contact's must be most excellent while sitting in the spot this photo was taken. I'm curious of the location. I'm also curious about the setup that's on the other end of that coax. Great photo.
  2. Mike Hancock
    Mike Hancock
    I'm actually looking for a military antenna mast/Tripod! This photo was taken from my DX spot here in Florence Oregon. It's an old logging road made before the highway. Line of sight is a sure thing if skip isn't rolling. Every time I go up I can get coosbay about 70 miles away, but visible from that position. My radios always change! I use a 148, a HR2510, a DX94HP. When this photo was taken I was using a DX55HP.
  3. TazKBX948
    Do you get much interference from the pole line


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