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1982 Sierra La Hez Checking out a possible contest QTH in the Rioja.

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1987 Campsite IN73

Near Oyambre Beach, IN73. On a campsite. 1982 Sierra La Hez

Checking out a possible contest QTH in the Rioja. 1982 Piqueras Pass 01

Preparing to operate the 24 hour VHF contest at 1750m asl. 1981 JBeam Quagi n XYL

Known as the "Parabeam". Made in England, very popular  in the 70's. XYL highly amused by whole affair. 1981 Hombrew 8el

A slightly more manageable antenna! 1500m asl. La Rioja. 1981 Felix EA1EH/P at about 1500meters asl
My extremely keen friend Padre Felix with his polythene tent and his QRP rigs running off a motorbike battery. A pioneer of
/p VHF & UHF in EA. He used the local buses to get to the foot of the hills in Soria P 1978 EA1TH

A younger version of me, still smoking. Atlas 210X. Datong RF
Speech Compressor and homebrew balanced ATU into open wire feeder to a doublet. 00 1965 RXs G3URY

My Hallicrafters receivers that started me in ham radio. 1989 4F6 n Tonna17

/P near the Ebro Reservoir near Reinosa. IN73. 17 el Tonna.
Renault 4F6, an excellent van for operating inside. Table, chair...it all fits in. 1993 Moxon Claw

The dreaded Moxon claw antenna. If you can make a beam antenna with this you're a better man than I am, Gunga Dinn!
It's easy to get it bidirectional though, hi hi. TOO EASY. 1999 EOB op

Theoretically operating my XYL's station. Mine being located somewhere else according to the Powers That Be. 2000 Panda 40m

Had just worked VK on 40 metres with this! 2001 07 22 Tropo03

Typical amateur photographer shot with shadow included. 2001 07 22 Tropo07

Bob's macabre "sense of humour" got the better of him. The
vultures had left the skull as a prop. 2001 07 22 Tropo 04

The double plank (Heavy Oak) method. Hinges between planks. Drive into position after erecting antenna! Plank on ground is pegged down with steel spikes. 2002 07 01

Working the Lizard Point in SW UK on 144MHz from Cantabria, North Spain.

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