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20 meter SuperAntenna YP-3 above the RV

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Penninger 1.5" Tripod top clamp Total length of 20 meter boom Analyzer reading installed at about 16 feet above RV Penninger 1.5" tripod bottom clamp 20 meter coil 20 meter SuperAntenna YP-3 in the air Penninger 1.5" tripod The tapped screw side of the 20 meter coil 20 meter SuperAntenna YP-3 above the RV Thumbscrew sets the element length SuperAntenna YP-3 packed in the bag Quality screw ends to attach to boom and coils The entire SuperAntenn Yagi shown in the carry bag First 20 meter element attached Here's where the coax connects Driven 20 meter element attached

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