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2003 05 18 05 432 and 1296 on sailboard mast, IN72WW.

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1989 Living in rented accomodation. Valiant attempts to get a signal out! Homebrew magnetic loop on the patio. The
magloop worked fairly well but made me nervous when I saw the LCD clock display 3 meters away flickering on and off! So much for the theory 1991 02

The rig tuned to 14.147. "Amigos' Net" days. Our beloved leader, Ross, G0JQJ, even appears in a foto on the board there! 2002 09 09 05

Close up of bungees. Keep It Simple Stupid! KISS design. Hi hi. 2002 09 09 06

Looks a bodge-up but the bungees are an integral part of the design that allows the mast to tilt for antenna fitting. 2002 09 09 mast brake

The mast goes up the middle. The brake is a flywheel
tool for a motorbike. 2002 Tonna 17

Home made tilting tower with a Tonna 17el. 2003 05 18 02

Bottom of mast sits in hole in wheel-hub. 2003 05 18 05

432 and 1296 on sailboard mast, IN72WW. 2004 09 20 4 yagis 03

Beginning the assembly of the H frame. 2004 10 03 H frame 02

H frame completed. 2002 07 05 tropo

Tropo mirage effect to left, petering out to the right, as did
the ducted propagation on 432MHz. 2002 09 09 04

Lazy man's VHF portable in operation IN72VW 1300m asl. 2004 12 12 02

Only one antenna so far. 2005 05 21 01

Finishing touches. 2005 05 21 02

A lick of paint on the nuts and bolts. 2005 08 12 Perseids VOR DGO 01
Aircraft reflection with doppler shift and a meteor trail as seen with the Spectran PC program while receiving a distant beacon. In this case an aviation VOR beacon about 150km away with a very weak normal signal at my qth.

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