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built a chassis to mount the HP supply out of aluminum angle stock

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This is just about everything I need to get this supply together. There will be three meters: DC Volts, Amps,and temperature.This is the volt and ammmeter (with shunt). The temp meter is the same size,but isn't shown. Bought them on Ebay from a China site for less than $20 total (free shipping) The housing is from an old Heath power supply. I will be making a new faceplate, and some internal supports form the supply. built a chassis to mount the HP supply out of aluminum angle stock Chassis from thebottom with HP supply installed. Another view Insralled the filter caps and the 100 amp shunt for the ammeter Using the original Heath faceplate as a guide, I cut a new plate out of some scrap sheet metal I had laying around. Then I made a layout for the meter cutouts, and the holes for the switches. After an hour or so, the panel was ready well ... everything fits. Kinda ugly; needs paint lettering, etc. but pretty much good to go Got the wiring for the DC output completed. Next will be the 220vac input cabling, and the connections to the meters, switches, and controls 3253

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