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Ghetto campground ground fix

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Cobra 29 with an awesome dixie air horn noise toy hooked up to an external PA :) Ghetto campground ground fix Yaesu 897d with Ameritron travel tuner Campground ghetto ground fix part 2. Ladder ground to frame. Ladder antenna mount. Yaesu VX-8r with the Lido Mount visible View of Yaesu VX-8r from outside with tiny 2m/440 antenna on the RV sheet metal Yaesu VX-8r in the RV as a mobile - The screen is fairly readable. Lido Mount used for the Yaesu VX-8r belt clip Power Plus 2 meter 35 watt Amplifier Picture of the dash with Yaesu VX-8r and 2 meter amplifier SuperAntenna MP1 w/ 12' whip and Yaesu 897d SuperAntenna MP1 mount and radials Antenna tuned for 20m It works on 40m, too.
  1. pinktorpedo
    Not ghetto if it works!
    that was a great idea .......

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