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Testing the new solar collector. The temperature inside the box rose to over 200F degrees in less than 30 minutes ... better than I thought it would produce. Firewood and target backers for Cuddeback 2013 Two target backers so far (30" x 34") for Cuddeback 2013 Bike rack assembled and mounted on the Tacoma Cuddeback 2013:
My Flintstone's Bike (version 1.1)
I hope somebody took pix of version 1.2, but I heard that Saturday night's campfire cooked it. Cuddeback 2013: Cuddeback 2013:
Camping amenities. Next year, bringing a fuckin' porta-potty! hamcom Close-up of the new solar collector. It works better than the solar pool collector used in the first experiment, but still not hot enough. I'll try copper tubing next time. First test of the solar water heater with the new design collector. I used 40 feet of 1/2" ID black vinyl pond hose coiled inside. ... and here's the PV panel mounted. I'll buy a 10' stick of 1.1/2" EMT to get it a little higher up in the air (my wife has bumped her head on this twice so far). I wanted a tilt-able/rotatable pole mount for the solar water heater's 24 volt PV panel, so I used some scrap aluminum and the mount from an old DSS dish to fabricate this: Installing insulation and luan paneling in the 'V'-nose trailer Installing windows in the 'V'-nose trailer "Kiddo", the 'Opossum-Killer' Solar water heater PV panel is mounted higher now (10.5' to the lower edge).

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