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Here's the little '83 XT-200 I picked up in the summer of 2012. I really miss my old '72 250 DT1, but I decided to go 4-stroke this time. Testing the new solar collector. The temperature inside the box rose to over 200F degrees in less than 30 minutes ... better than I thought it would produce. Weber 40IDF carbs on a fresh 2.0L Type-4 engine. Tokyo Hi-Power HT-750. 6m/15/40m cw/ssb HT. Cool little radio with an extremely hot receiver. "Kiddo", the 'Opossum-Killer' Icom AH 703 Antenna kf6irk 'Kapt IRK' avatar pic 2013 Elecraft KX3 ... my next HF purchase - after I sell a SGC SG-2020 and a Tokyo Hi-Power HT-750 HT (6m/15m/40m) ... My main hobby hamcom Solar water heater PV panel is mounted higher now (10.5' to the lower edge). KX3 with Gem Products' Grab Handle Side Plates This is a 2.0L Type-4 engine that we temporarily installed in one of my 914s until my new 'Raby 2056' was ready. My friend, Thomas, did most of the installation since my back was fucked up. My garage station from a few years ago. Now running a TS-2000 and receive on an IC-R7000 when duplexing Close-up of the new solar collector. It works better than the solar pool collector used in the first experiment, but still not hot enough. I'll try copper tubing next time. KX3 with Gem Products' Grab Handle Side Plates and Lexan Cover

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