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rebar cage

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rebar cage tower resting on oversized sawhorse. base after concrete cure rebar cage with base suspended over Tower in the Sun set. Stand off for loop. base after concrete cure rebar cage WV4L QTH in the Sun set. pulley for loop view of base John KI4QEO celebrates off load of tower. Thanks for the help John! Tower and antenna up. boom to mast plate for Arrow 2M/440 quarter wave ground plane vertical Concrete pour Tower off load
  1. ElectronTubesRule
    How much tower are you putting up? That is a lot of rebar!!!
  2. EDUK8TR
    U.S. Towers TX-472, 72 feet + mast and antenna will equal just over 85 feet. It is a free standing tower. Required a 5X5X7.5 base. It was actually dug 6X7X8. Took 11 yards of concrete. The rebar cage was over engineered, it really didn't require this much rebar but the concrete contractor decided to do it like this.

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