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Stryker 955 in blue, latest buy, had one to test drive about a year ago and wanted one ever since,

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2970n2 FIXED cobra 2000 3 4 12 lafayette ssb140, these are a great base station, still have these in my garage, use them anytime I am out there monkey ward 719, same chassis as a Cobra 146, worked really well, lot better than I expected, got it off of Ebay, was like brand new. magnum omega force, great radio and it's older brother the Delta Force, magnum 257 non hp, worked ok but needed a factory mic uniden 980 6 18 2012, had to try one, with no extra freebanding channels it was here a short time. Worked fine but a little down on power, never made it in my mobile. 101EX 1 27 13, how can you not love this one anytone triple play, one on top was a crummy copy that worked ok but just felt cheesy, Anytone 5555 Ver 6 works great still and the SS6900 had the ver 4 board worked well also br9200 dark pic, worked ok just kind of disappointed the knobs felt crummy and the receive had adjacent channel rejection issues, if I turned the RF Gain down it went deaf, huracan 4 18 2012 road force twins Have 2 of these, 2nd design with the 25 watt output, I think it's a 257 chassis with a power supply in the box. Works nice RHF 618 1 22 2014. Been using this for my base on and off for about a month now, fun radio, hears and talks very well 2990 Has an AC issue but works great on SSB and have the parts to fix it, it's for sale 225 plus shipping with all parts included Cobra 200 Just had to try one of these after all the negative things I have heard about them. This one worked fantastic, sold it on Ebay, never got feedback or heard anything from the buyer Stryker 955 in blue, latest buy, had one to test drive about a year ago and wanted one ever since,
  1. Gabriel macmahon
    Gabriel macmahon
    The best radio in the market I've ever seen
  2. james braddy
    james braddy
    Stryker 955 is an excellent radio for SSB or AM, and it shines on SSB. You don't need a power mic for this radio stock mic works just fine! I get tons of positive reports of how clean and crisp this radio sounds over the air. Solid buy.
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