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SuperAntenna MP1 w/ 12' whip and Yaesu 897d

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Ladder antenna mount. Yaesu VX-8r with the Lido Mount visible View of Yaesu VX-8r from outside with tiny 2m/440 antenna on the RV sheet metal Yaesu VX-8r in the RV as a mobile - The screen is fairly readable. Lido Mount used for the Yaesu VX-8r belt clip Power Plus 2 meter 35 watt Amplifier Picture of the dash with Yaesu VX-8r and 2 meter amplifier SuperAntenna MP1 w/ 12' whip and Yaesu 897d SuperAntenna MP1 mount and radials Antenna tuned for 20m It works on 40m, too. Coil of SuperAntenna adjusted for 40m Fruit picker about to be repurposed Flag Pole Buddy attaches to the RV ladder Flagpole Buddy installed with fiberglass mast attached 40/80 meter doublet attached to fiberglass mast

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