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Tarheel 200A-HP

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This the the "MB-62" remote mounting bracket. I cut the end off of a cell-phone charger that had really good spring-loaded friction expanders and filled it with epoxy and then attached it to the bracket with a screw. I then taped two pieces of aquarium tu DSCI0007 I took an old cell phone charger and cut the 12v cigarette adapter off of it. The center conductor "+" was removed and the inside was filled with epoxy. The spring loaded side conductors had really good external pressure on them to maintain good tension w DSCI0009 Mount attached to the control head. DSCI0011 Icom 7000 installed under Drivers seat. Closeup of Anderson power pole distribution block. IC7000 with N2VZ Turbo Tuner External Cooling fan mounted over rear heat sink fins. Icom 7000 with TFT 7 inch color monitor mounted above. 7000 with 7 inch monitor IC7000 with 7 inch TFT color monitor Tarheel 200A-HP side profile view Tarheel 200A-HP with Cap-Hat.
  1. pinktorpedo
    that may be a prefect location for the tarheel .......
  2. fourstringburn

    Here's my secret weapon for maximum efficiency.

    When parked, use a MFJ- 1979 17ft. telescoping whip in place of the cap hat.

    on 80 meters, you will about the same amount of coil turns as you would on 40 meters greatly increasing ERP on that band and 40 meters will use about the same coil turns as 20 meters.

    Look me up on QRZ and scroll down to my mobile pics to see my antenna with the long whip.

  3. EDUK8TR
    When parked yes. I use the cap hat because it allows me to run mobile without hitting to many overhead obstructions. I also replaced the supplied shunt coil with one I made myself which greatly improved the tune up on 80M. I made a new coil out of regular house wire, 10 turns which were formed on a deep socket wrench socket. I attached it with power pole connectors and gave it a better off set from the mount so it would not be too close to the mount or other sheet metal.

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