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CB Kidd
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Dec 4, 2017
Aug 15, 2017
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Apr 1, 1980 (Age: 37)

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CB Kidd

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Dec 4, 2017
    1. Windy City
      Windy City
      Hello Mark Rutherford AKA Mark19960...How ya doing my friend??? You still at 212 Millway Rd, Irmo, SC ??? It's been a while and I'M just wondering how you are doing buddy!!!
    2. SmackDown
      Sorry to see you closed your youtube channel. It woke some people up and exposed a
      "golden screwdriver" of the highest order. I hope you put it back up.
      You only exposed the truth about scammers.
      1. CB Kidd
        CB Kidd
        Had to avoid the ban hammer!
        Will be back soon.
        Sep 5, 2017
    3. cbshack
      Several years ago I don't think Tim was doing that much to radios. I am sorry you had a bad experience with him. I sell and repair radios but I think I know my limitations. I hope Tim fixed your radio. Good luck to you, Ben in Orlando
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    Apr 1, 1980 (Age: 37)
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