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Elecraft KX3 Operating Tip - VFO Lock

Discussion in 'Ham Equipment' started by Moleculo, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Wayne from Elecraft has started posting operating tips on the new KX3 that may not be obvious from reading the manual. Here's the first in the series:



    Locking the VFO can be useful when operating mobile or portable, or if
    you just want to stay parked on one frequency for a long time and
    don't want to accidentally change it.

    The KX3 doesn't have a dedicated VFO lock control. To lock it, hold
    the KHZ switch in for about 3 seconds. You'll hear a beep if switch
    tones are enabled (MENU:SW TONE), and a lock icon will appear above
    the "A" on the LCD.

    This locks only VFO A, not VFO B. To lock VFO B, first swap it to VFO
    A (using the A/B switch), then lock, then swap it back. The VFO B lock
    icon will now appear below the "B". You can lock both VFOs if required.

    To unlock VFO A, tap RATE or do normal hold of KHZ (about 1/2 second).

    If you only want to slow the VFO down a bit rather than lock it, you
    can increase the friction. See page 24 of the current KX3 owner's
    manual. You can also decrease the number of VFO counts per knob
    revolution (see MENU:VFO CTS).

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