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W9WDX B D-STAR Repeater Info (Los Angeles Area)

Discussion in 'Worldwidedx.com Amateur Radio Club' started by Moleculo, Feb 6, 2014.

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    The W9WDX B repeater provides D-STAR coverage to the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California on the 70cm band. The repeater is currently uncoordinated while we wait for the local SCRRBA (good ol' boys network) coordination body to start actively coordinating repeaters again.

    This is the info you need to program your D-STAR radio to use this repeater:

    Repeater Callsign: W9WDX B
    Frequency: 446.860
    Offset: -5Mhz

    The open repeater is available to all operators and is configured to allow connections to any known Icom reflector, DCS reflector, or Xreflector. It is currently configured to auto connect to the XRFWDX reflector when idle to facilitate incoming links from other D-STAR systems. We welcome all users and welcome linking to other systems. If you are local and are interesting in promoting the use of the repeater and helping with control operator duties, please let me know.

    Here is the coverage map of the repeater:


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