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Other stuff I stole from the internet...
Other stuff I stole from the internet...
Elecraft KX3
Elecraft KX3

New Elecraft PX3 Panadapter for the KX3
Apr 04, 2014 - 3:08 PM - by Moleculo
Today Elecraft announced a new portable panadapter, the PX3 for use with its popular portable KX3 HF rig. This picture was tweeted by @elecraft from the Visalia DX Convention in California where the PX3 is being shown for the first time:

While the release date has not been announced, Elecraft is already taking orders. The kit price is $499.95; the assembled price is $569.95. The early spec sheet shows that there will be a future USB option for a keyboard or memory stick and also an option for an external SVGA adapter.

As expected, The PX3 is fully integrated with the KX3, meaning you can dial the PX3 knob to select a visible signal and then tap it to change the rig frequency. The visible bandwidth is up to 200 kHz, better than any known sound card based panadapter solutions. The early spec sheet can be found at

I'll post more information as it becomes available.
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"Miracle Power Cord" fixes major RFI issue...
Mar 30, 2014 - 7:59 PM - by Scrap'r
I've had an issue with my HF radio wreaking havoc on some household electronics ever since getting my ticket. Furnace fan coming on, electronics freezing up or going wild. It was a hoot...

Changed antennas, added chokes, the usual. I ended up building a mega-grounding system out of 2" copper strap, several new ground rods all tied back to the main panel, and that solved all kinds of problems. Except the 55" LCD TV.

All I had to do was tune up on 10m and if the TV was on, it would go off. If it was off, it would come on with the volume full blast, it wouldn't see the remote control, etc... All you could do was yank the plug out of the wall.

Rather than attempt to do battle with the manufacturer "LG" over their lack of filtering, I decided to cover the cord in ferrite beads from one end to the other. That helped, but didn't solve the problem 100% of the time. Then I decided to wind some 14ga wire around a ferrite choke, then splice it in to the positive side of a power cord.
... [Read More]
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Three generations of Elecraft HF Rigs on the Bench
Feb 18, 2014 - 4:36 PM - by Moleculo
Not too long ago, W6KLE informed me on the repeater we hang out on that he had purchased the Elecraft KXPA100 100 watt HF amplifier to go with his KX3. Of course, I was interested in seeing it since I also have a KX3. He offered to bring it over for me to try out, so of course I took him up on the opportunity. When he showed up the other night, he also was carrying his Elecraft K2 and K2 Autotuner. So, I took the opportunity to put them all on the bench for a photo op

Here are three generations of HF rigs from Elecraft. From left to right, the K3, KX3, KXPA100, and K2 sitting atop the autotuner:

After taking pictures, it was time to hook up the KXPA100. Don had never even taken it out of the box it was shipped in, so this was going to be the first smoke test! The hookup is very a very simple procedure, but you need to make sure your KX3 has recent firmware. This is because the KX3 talks to the amp to turn the amp... [Read More]
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Icom ID-5100
Jan 31, 2014 - 5:09 AM - by PD0AC
Not my cup of tea, but interesting for D-Star users:

Osaka Hirano, president of Icom Inc., recently announced a new VHF/UHF D-Star transceiver, the ID-5100. Two versions will be released at the end of February 2014: a 50W version, the ID-5100, and a 20W version, the ID-5100D.

Dual-band, dual receive
According to the preliminary specs this will be true dual-band radio with two separate VFO’s. This makes it possible to receive two signals simultaneously, and it doesn’t matter if the signals are analog or digital – any combination is possible.

Touch Panel
First seen on the IC-7100, now migrating to other models too: a touch panel. In an era where color touch screens are default on almost any device, Icom’s black & white screen seems a bit odd, out of place even. Readability seems to be good though.

Nearest Repeater Search
An interesting feature is “Nearest Repeater Search”, which acts a bit like the roaming function we know from cell phones and DMR radios. Strangely, this only works in analog mode.

Android... [Read More]
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