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New Profile Posts

  1. undertaker
    I run 38 lsb
  2. 164 northern cal
    164 northern cal undertaker
    as I was saying made contact on ch 11 is this the channel you run on?
  3. 164 northern cal
    164 northern cal undertaker
    this is 164northerncal, I made contact with you about a month ago. Just wanted to say hello and look for you when skip is in. I live on the Hoopa Indian Reservation. This is our phone line so to speak. You might remember my call sign.
  4. 2RT307
    2RT307 Moleculo
    Hi Moleculo! Any chance you will be reviewing the new Yaesu FT-991A or FT-891 anytime soon?
  5. chris66
    chris66 Sommerkamp
    Your email not working for me, 812-881-0322 8-8 cent. time $250
  6. Dean M. Halvorsen
    Dean M. Halvorsen
    I need help and some info. How do get a license, if I need one. I received a Royce 619 with no manual. Need help !!!!
  7. Dean M. Halvorsen
    Dean M. Halvorsen
    I'm a newbie with a Royce 619
  8. Terry Thornsberry
  9. Terry Thornsberry
    Terry Thornsberry
    Just purchased a Royce T-28 I-620 with no mic. My question, will a cobra mic work on this Royce? Also did this unit use a dynamic mic ?
  10. Terry Thornsberry
  11. 543_Dallas
    Needs more volts
  12. chris66
    chris66 Sommerkamp
    Took pix of Palomar ssb 500 don't know how to post them? Could I text them to you? I can do that. Lol
  13. Mudduckmobile
    looking for good DX.
  14. 164 northern cal
    164 northern cal jacobsbissa
    have 2 148's with mods, one with xtra cannels the other with modulation opened up. Both work great, I upgraded to 10 meter raidos. I am in N. Califronia
  15. Tallman
    Tallman The20poundhammer
    Do you have a call sign?