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  1. BJ radionut
    BJ radionut Cold War Vet
    CWT: You might try that old D104 on that 120, but I think it is not a choice you'l be happy with...but most likely better than that old SBE hand mic(even though those were pretty good in their days for mobile usage)
    1. Cold War Vet
      Cold War Vet
      yeah BJ i remember those old D-104s from back in the 70's they had a tendency to over-modulate to the point of unintelligible gonna see if i can try a turner super sidekick
      Nov 18, 2017 at 1:08 AM
  2. BJ radionut
    BJ radionut Cold War Vet
  3. Steve Johnson Pat
  4. Curtis
    Curtis RoadRanger
    where is good place to buy transisters
    HARDROCK rabbiporkchop
    send me a email please.
  6. LeapFrog
  7. nitro
    New post please help
  8. nitro
    Bought a galaxy saturn like new in box.has an issue.no 3rd
  9. Robalo
    Robalo tecnicoloco
    i just score teabearry stalker IX DX 80 CHANNEL RADIO IAM SO HAPPY AND IS BEEN FIXED LOL
    1. tecnicoloco likes this.
    2. tecnicoloco
      offer the radio to Retro CB Guy he will buy it from you
      Oct 26, 2017
  10. dozerman
    you just started reading the sentence you just finished reading...
  11. Steven L Rowan
  12. PD0G
  13. TX1000
    TX1000 ButtFuzz
    Hi ButtFuzz, I followed a link you posted to your website with advice on two options for a enabling the clarifier on PTBM121D4X radios to adjust the outing TX frequency. However, the link no longer appears to work (sommerkamp_tristar_747_clarifier_unlock.pdf)
    . Could you let me know if you have these mods posted elsewhere or where I could take a look at them? I'm looking to mod my Tristar 747. :)
  14. CamerGrifs
    Мы это инновация, мы Camermen
    Can you discuss tx audio response please.